Love Podcasts, YouTube, and Audible? Get more learning done in less time with these three deceptively simple tricks.

Do you want to accomplish something you’ve never done before? To do it you must become a better version of yourself. This is why lifelong learning is such an important practice.

If you’re like me you have a list of podcasts to listen to, audiobooks to hear and informational YouTube videos on your backlog. There is so much information out there and only so much time to digest it. I found these three tricks immensely helpful for getting the information I need as efficiently as possible.

Trick #1 Sort out the crap

Not all Information is valuable. There are two things I look for when I’m deciding on a book to read.

1. The first thing I look at is reviews. They are immensely helpful for filtering through the fluff. Sometimes you’ll find a complete summary in the Amazon review section. Then you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting and if it’s worth your time.
A good lesson I learned from Tim Ferriss about judging reviews is to look at the 3 and 4-star reviews in addition to the 1’s and 5’s. The ones and fives tend to be overly positive or unduly negative while the middle range reviews will often have a more balanced and realistic evaluation of the book or product

2. The second thing to look at is the person writing or teaching. There are self-help and business gurus everywhere, but not all of them have a proven track record. Many people you’ll find are only good at promoting themselves and their book and often have no successful background in what they are teaching.
Note: This does not mean that they have nothing to teach you. It just means you may want to take what they say with a grain of salt, especially if they are trying to sell you something about what they are teaching.

Trick #2 up your “reading speed”

If you are listening to a podcast or watching a video only for the information you’ll get and not for entertainment, this is a lifesaver. Most people, especially if it is unscripted, will speak much slower than necessary to say what they need to say.
I speed all my learning media up by 1.25x all the way to 2x speed if it’s a simple subject or they are a slow talker. I’ve found I still hear and retain the exact same amount of information and I save myself hours a week by doing this.

Trick #3 stick only to actionable information

Being a lifelong learner is key for your mental well being and self-growth. Don’t let that become an excuse for inaction. To make the most of your time and efforts only focus on what you need to know for the next step in your journey. Leave the other information for when you’re actually ready to implement it.
Overlearning is a sneaky form of procrastination. You’re constantly learning but never doing. You probably don’t need to read that book on sales or marketing if you haven’t set up your business so that you have a service or product to sell!

The real trick is to just get started

There is never a “good time” to start. You’ll never feel like taking that first step. You just have to do it. When you hit a roadblock or a bottleneck, THAT’S the time you should be on the lookout for more learning.
Learning without action is easy because we never fail and we never meet challenges. It takes courage, but it’s well worth your time to get into motion now and then learn along the way.

My system for productivity

If you have a project or business in mind and just need to get the work done, check out my Productivity blueprint.

The blueprint is a simple and condensed, printable overview of how to map out and accomplish your goals. I’m not a naturally productive person. It takes a specific system for me to get things done efficiently and without procrastination. If I can do it, I know you can do it too!

Always feel free to shoot me an email if you any questions about your business or just want to say hi! Get cracking! My go to source for audiobooks. Read a book a week while working out or during your commute!

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