Big List of Business Ideas for 2019

If you’re brainstorming for good business ideas for 2019, I’ve got you covered! Get out a piece of paper or a word document to jot down your favorites. Three things I look for when picking an idea are Your passion, your skills, and are people willing to pay for it? If you have all three, you have a killer business idea.

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One reason almost anyone should consider blogging is you can monetize a hobby or interest that is otherwise hard to make money from. Say something like gardening or stamp collecting. If there is a sizable group of people interested in the same things you are, you can make a full time living with it.

I’m a blogger so I’m biased, but I can’t think of a better business that doesn’t need to be full time to succeed. Of course, you’ll get there sooner the more time and effort you put in! To me the most significant benefit is freedom. You choose what to write about, when, and how often. You get out what you put in! Pick a topic that interests you and give it a shot!

Why I like blogging as a business

Easy and cheap to get started.
You control your schedule-Work when you want, take off when you want- the blog isn’t going away.
You’re free to travel -and work anywhere that has an internet connection. I take several vacations a year.
High-income potential. If you take it seriously, you can make a full-time income within a year. Several bloggers treat it like a legitimate business and are now making over 100k a month.
Success is cumulative- the more you stick with it, the larger your readership and income will grow.

Awesome benefits-  Check out Benefits of Blogging for a Full-time Income to learn more.
Almost anyone can do it- If I can do it, you can do it. I’ve made an easy guide for first timers: How to Start a Blog in 20 Minutes
Need ideas on what to blog about? Head over to my Big List of Blogging Niches to see what resonates with you.


Airbnb is a great business idea for a part-time income that can be grown into a full-time business. If you have a spare bedroom or even a couch that’s all you need to get started. Airbnb insures you for 1 million dollars for liability and damage. I rented out the loft in my cabin (with a killer view), and it only took 5 guests a month to pay the mortgage!

Why I like Airbnb

Easy to start for almost no money– You just need to take some pictures of your home and apply to be a host.
They do the advertising for you- people are already searching for places to stay near you, right now!

Airbnb takes care of payment collections -You can control the booking options.
High-income potential-you can list a full house in a popular area or have a unique property that has charm. I’ve seen airstream trailers renting out for $150 a night!
Low time commitment– Once you are up and running you can hire a cleaner and even someone to take care of the booking details for you! Even if you’re only renting, you can still put a couch or spare room on Airbnb. Some people are renting multiple apartments just to list them on Airbnb. The only startup cost is a deposit and furniture and decorations!


Even in 2019 eBay is a straightforward business that you can start in your spare time. There are two main things you need to concern yourself with. 1 where to find things to sell and how to price your items. Check the “sold” section to see what your item actually sells for, not just what people are listing it as.

If I want your item to sell quick, set your price at around %80 of the average sale price. For things to sell, start with your own house. I have a rule I use to clear out clutter. If it could have disappeared for over a year and I wouldn’t have noticed it, it’s something I don’t really need!

Next up is garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, and second-hand stores. Use the app to see what item have sold for to see if it’s worth it to sell. One often overlooked location is traditional big box stores. Sometimes They have too much of something or need to clear out space for new inventory. I’ve found Lego for %75 percent off. Clothes are another item that sells surprisingly sell well if they are name brand!

Why eBay is a great business idea

It’s easy to start part-time– It only takes a few hours a week to find items and list them.
It’s hard to fail¬ Check to make sure the items sell well and making sure it’s profitable per item. you aren’t going to lose money doing this. Over time you’ll hone your eye for deals and probably settle into a niche.
It’s easy to take full time– when you’re ready! I usually suggest that you’re making enough to cover the bills before you take a full business time.

Photography business ideas

Do you have a skill for taking great photos? Would you like to? Photography is another classic business idea that can be adopted in many different ways. Starting part-time is easy. The important thing is that you have a solid plan to make money! Creativity is essential here. It’s like writing. You can do a lot of work for a lot of nothing, or a little work for a lot if you put your efforts in the right areas! The most common mistake I see is photographers underpricing their services or not having a solid monetization plan for their business. People actually have less confidence in you the less you charge.

Why I like the idea of a photgraphy business

Versatility- If a niche doesn’t exist for you, you can make your own. If people find your photos great, there is a way to make money around it. You may need to venture into areas like Instagram or photo databases to do so.
Utility- Photography as a skill lends itself to so many other businesses you may want to start. You can charge other businesses too. Think Airbnb, Real estate, blogging, restaurants, and retail.
Renewable income- It doesn’t matter what flavor for photography you choose. I’d always suggest selling “stock” photos as a supplement. Set a goal for 10-50 a day in your spare time or on the job. Say you are a wedding photographer. Your stock images could be churches, decorations, place settings, food, piles of gifts, hands being held, etc. You own the photos and retain the copyright.

Writing business ideas

This is a vast category of businesses you can start. You can write books to pitch to publishers, self-publish eBooks, start a blog, write other’s blog articles, ghostwrite for others, write for website or magazines, freelance journalism, Copywriting, writing college papers for people, screenwriting, transcribing, translating, or songwriting.


proofreading, fact-checking, researching. Target a niche like Amazon self-publishing authors or bloggers. My friend who writes fantasy fiction novels has a dedicated editor that does all of his novels. Once you establish a few clients who bring in regular business, you are set!

Resume Preperation

This is a great business to start in 2019. Degrees are plentiful and competition for good paying job is fierce. It can grow into headhunting or job placement business with the right connections. Many people don’t understand the importance of having a polished and targeted resume when seeking a job.

Gone are the days when you could spam your simple work/education resume and expect to get a job. Most jobs are found through networking and it is a little-understood art for most people. You could charge a flat fee or a charge later once someone has a job. If you’re doing the latter, consult an attorney for the right paperwork that is binding but you can charge a lot more. I’d be willing to pay hundreds more over a few months once I had a job rather than $50 before I had a job.

Lawncare and landscaping business

Cutting lawns isn’t just a for kids. It’s a great way to start a small business that you can grow into a large one! At the absolute minimum, you just need a push mower and a weed eater to get started. Also the willingness to knock on some doors looking for business. Don’t skimp on quality. You’re providing the same service as many others.

DO come up with add-ons if you can think of them. Lawn aerations, tree trimming, paint touch-ups, grill cleaning, dog poop pickup, or snow shoveling. Get creative! Find a partner to promote your business. One landscaping business near me puts in over 5k lawns a year! When I asked them if they also mow lawns, they said no and didn’t offer any suggestions. That’s a total waste of a partnership opportunity!

Reasons I like lawncare business

Low-cost startup. For a business that requires physical tools, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this. You can scale your equipment as you grow.
Scalable the goal of any sole proprietorship should be to work yourself out of a job. You can do that here after you have enough customers. Then you can focus on acquiring new customers and running the business. If anything goes wrong with staffing you can always jump back in to cover what needs to be done.
Low skill– almost anyone can mow a lawn. It’s easy to start yourself and to hire people later. Make sure they have attention to detail-you’re doing the same job as everyone else. You’ve got to do it as good or better!
Commercial business- Once you have a solid residential base, move into commercial. There is good recurring business there to add to your route.

Cleaning service business idea

Here is another business idea that turns a low skill job into a lucrative business. I’d suggest getting a few jobs yourself before going to craigslist to look for workers to take over for you. That way you know what you ask of your employees and how long it takes to do a quality job.

Make sure they are experienced. Former or current hotel staff are usually excellent. Also make sure you inspect their work, as well as have a multipoint checklist. Clear expectations and standards are a must! You’ll either charge clients by the square foot or a flat rate per type of room and services being done. Set up recurring business for a discount.

Reasons I like the cleaning business

low skill and easy to start– running a business is never “low skill” but the work is, and that’s great for you! Your most significant startup expense is a vacuum cleaner and some business cards.
The market isn’t too saturated. Even in 2019- you’d think it would be, but I’ve lived in 5 different states and have never had someone knock on my door. Most people think they can’t afford a cleaner. They have some notion of only rich people hiring a cleaner. Show them a biweekly package to keep the price reasonable. You’ll do all the stuff they dread-toilets, baseboards, stove, scrubbing the floor.
Repeat business– Make sure your work is impeccable and you’ll keep clients for a long time. They trust you to be in their home, they aren’t going to go out of their way to save 5 bucks on someone cheaper. Once they understand the massive impact of having a part-time cleaner, they won’t want to go back!
Add-on services-Upsell twice a year. Spring cleaning where you do things like vacuum drapes, change air filters and hit all the neglected spots. You can also combine with other service businesses on this list. Picking up/dropping off dry-cleaning or folding laundry for example.

Dog Walking business

If you love dogs or are at least good with them, this is a great option to start a small business. Try to concentrate on getting as much business as possible in one neighborhood. That way you can take multiple dogs on a walk at the same time. Ask your clients if they know of anyone that might need your service.

Why I like the dog walking business

Easy to start with no money.
It’s not overcrowded. This is a rare business that isn’t oversaturated.
Expandable¬There are several pet-related services you can offer, some are listed below.

Poop scooping

I know it sounds ridiculous. Many people have legitimate companies with employees providing this service. They offer biweekly, weekly, and monthly pickup. It’s good repeat business that’s easy to sell for the right price.

House sitting

If you already walk someone’s dog, you might consider expanding into house sitting. You’ll keep an eye on their pooch and their home while they are away on vacation. I’d offer a daily picture or video check-ins. Trust is paramount here so a trustworthy person will get a lot of word of mouth business. You can charge a sizable fee.

Mobile pet grooming business

I love anything “mobile”. It has low overhead costs after your initial investment. Not to mention the tax savings on miles driven. It’s easier to save a thousand on rent than it is to get a thousand dollars’ worth of business to break even. It’s better for customers since they don’t even need to leave their house and you can set up repeat business.

Power Washing

This is a unique business idea with its own little overlooked micro chasm. It’s a great money maker, and you can target both residential customers or commercial. The commercial side can set up repeat business, but you’ll have competition. Residential is largely untapped depending on the area.

I’ve seen guys making 1k plus a day doing driveways, siding, and fences. They go door to door soliciting business with their rig. You can start with a small unit to see if you like the work before moving up to a bigger rig. It’s a business that you can quickly grow into one that uses employees. They’ll need training and liability insurance.

Carpet Cleaning Business

This is another idea that will require your own rig, but once you’re set up you’re in business. Check craigslist and don’t overinvest until you have the business to justify more expensive equipment. Again, like power washing, you’ll probably find business very competitive on the commercial. Entry on the residential side is much easier. The key is to keep getting residential business for income. Then you can explore the commercial side for repeat business.


This business idea does require you to be “handy” but you don’t need to know everything. There is no shame in doing what the professionals do, use YouTube for what you don’t know! While you are in a house on a job, keep an eye out for other things that you could fix or upgrade.

I’d suggest having an area you specialize in that you’ll focus on getting proficient at. There is no limit here. You could even offer bi-yearly services. Battery changes for smoke detectors and other non-regular house maintenance that home-owners often overlook.

Baby proofing business

This is an offshoot of the handyman business idea, and a great area to specialize in. Word of mouth business is excellent. Once someone in a circle of friends starts having babies, usually the others are not far behind. New parents get overwhelmed once their little one starts crawling and getting into everything.

You can save them time and money by having every possible baby proofing solution on hand and ready to install. In a few hours, you can completely baby proof their home. This is a rare business where I would suggest both liability insurance and a signed waiver by the client. It is impossible to prepare for every potential eventuality. It is the parent’s duty, not yours, to guarantee the safety of their child.


Consulting a broad category. The only thing required to start is that you know a specific skill or industry very well. You don’t have to be an expert, although that is helpful. Many “retired” professionals consult in their field. It could be anything from IT to accounting to sales training. is an excellent example of someone young doing consulting. He worked at a job where he learned the ins and out of asana, a project management tool. Now he does a combination of blogging along with asana consulting to make a full-time living.

Coaching Business

Coaching is very close to consulting. The two often overlap. Coaching is often more focused on the individual than a specific task or job like consulting is. It can be something like general life coaching which is something everyone needs. It could also be something specific like sales training.


Tutoring is like coaching, but even more specific. It’s usually one on one training in a specific skill like playing a musical instrument or teaching math.  lets you set your own hourly rate and tutor in person or online.

Personal Trainer

This is a relatively easy job that can turn into a business. Schedules are very flexible at gyms and you could promote private personal training as a side business. Just don’t mix the two, your employer wouldn’t like that.

Tax Preperation

If you have experience in this field it can be a great business. I always have someone do my taxes for me since they know the ins and outs of tax laws. I doubt they are going to be making it easier so there will always be plenty of people willing to pay not to have to deal with a headache. Be ready with money-saving strategies for business minded people, they’re willing to pay for it!


Accounting can be done for several small businesses or larger ones. It’s a great business with recurring money. You can also work yourself out of a job once you have enough business to hire more staff.

Accounting and Tax prep don’t sound sexy. But there are a lot of millionaires out there doing “boring” businesses and reaping the benefits.

Moving Company

Moving company- You’d be surprised how low-cost this business idea this can be to start. I hired a service to move me that didn’t own their own trucks, they rented u-hauls. I’d suggest getting a job at a small but local moving company to learn the ins and outs of the business. Word of mouth is okay here, but people don’t move that often. Try to focus on getting good reviews online so you’ll place better when people are looking for your services.

I hope you found a business idea that works for you. I’ll update this list over time!


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