Benefits of blogging for a full-time income!

Have you ever considered the benefits of starting a blog? Since you’ve clicked on this post, I’m guessing you have. Maybe you even have a topic in mind. That’s great! Let me tell you some benefits to keep you motivated on your journey to success.


Some blog to share an interest. Others want to document their thoughts. Many are in it to make money. What is your motivation for wanting to start one? Let me tell you mine. One thing you’ll hear from me, again and again, is gaining freedom. Here’s what blogging has given me.

freedom gained from travel

Blogging gives you freedom in so many areas of your life. It’s unlike any other job or business you could run. Here are my top reasons for starting a blog: Pursue a passion that interests you- This isn’t always essential to start a blog, but it is beneficial.

It’s going to be a few months of consistent work before you begin to see a reliable income. It’s so much easier to keep going when you have something you love to write about. Once you start to make reasonable money, it very much motivates you to up your game to the next level.

I’ve always loved business, sales, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. I used to read and write a lot of things for my own interests. Now I’ve turned my natural interest and passion into a business. That leads to many different forms of freedom.

Freedom from being tied to a Job

What is the number one thing that keeps people from doing what they want to do? Money? Yes, but more than that is being glued to a 9-5, 40 hours a week job!

freedom from handcuffs

You have the money or free time outside of work. But you can’t exactly take a month off to backpack Europe or stay a month in a Bed and breakfast to write a novel. You need money to live, and a job comes with a scheduled commitment.

Establishing a full-time income from blogging frees you to go anywhere in the world. You can do anything you’d like! There are many nomadic bloggers out there seeing the world while doing what they love.

I love the freedom to be able to go anywhere in the world anytime I like. Every business I have, including blogging, is not dependant on me being physically present somewhere.

Decide your own Schedule

The freedom to schedule when you want to work is liberating. It’s one of the best benefits of blogging that I enjoy. I can decide to take a week off, and my blog will continue to run itself without me. I usually write in the morning for an hour or two and the rest of the day is up to me.

deciding your work schedule

Some bloggers do their writing in one full day. I’ve found I work better writing daily when I’m still mentally fresh in the morning. Despite this, I consider myself a full-time blogger. Here’s why: Most people at an average job get in 2-3 good hours of work a day and the rest is wasted time or busy work.

It’s great to be able to cut that out and just do what you need to do without waiting out the clock. There is always more to work on if you want it. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself thinking of a great idea for a blog post at midnight. Sometimes I’m unable to stop myself until I’ve put my thoughts into words.

Live and work anywhere

Have you heard of arbitrage? It’s a trading term for buying something one price somewhere and then selling it again for a higher price somewhere else. It’s what anyone that sells Chinese goods on Amazon does: buy low sell high! One of the benefits of blogging is geographical arbitrage.

If you are lucky enough to work from home or run your business from home, you can work anywhere in the world. Most pick a tropical or Asian country that has a low cost of living when they are starting out. They are able to leverage a relatively lower income into a very nice lifestyle.

work from a beach while traveling

For myself, I prefer to live in the US but take trips that are a week to a month long. Tim Ferris introduced me the concept of mini-retirements in his book the 4-hour work week. Don’t wait until you retire to see the world and do all those things you want to do. You may be too old to enjoy it or do what you want. Frankly, you might die before then.

Instead, get a business that can run itself without falling apart in your absence. Then take a month or 4 months off a year as a mini-retirement to see the world or pursue your interests. For me, blogging and consulting doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy it.

It’s also fun and liberating to be able to say “Hey, I feel like going to Japan for a week.” And not having to ask permission or worry about money or time off to do so. I usually end up writing anyway when I travel, but I’ve got a change of scenery and the world at my doorstep!

Financial indipendence and time

Money goes hand in hand with time. At most jobs, you trade time for a set amount of money. To “retire” you either need to save a little money over time, make a lot of money in a short amount of time. The key is to create an income that keeps coming whether you are working or not. It takes real dedication to do that with anything and can only be done if you treat it like a business or a job.

trading time for money

Some people don’t treat blogging as just a job, they treat it like a business. Those people are making over 100k a month! I’m definitely not there yet. I haven’t put in the time or effort to make those numbers. I’m currently enjoying life as it comes and working a little bit every day!

If the above benefits of blogging sounds appealing to you, know it’s not magic to get there. You’ve still got to take action to start! Then continue to take action over time for your dreams to become a reality. The first step to get there by blogging is to start your blog today! I can help, check out How to start a blog in 20 minutes


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