About me

Hi, I’m John!

Welcome to Business Matters Weekly! I want to help you on your journey of making more money, maximizing your productivity, and living your best life -Right now. I love business, investing, and helping others achieve their calling in life.

What are the two most important resources in your life?

Time and money. If you have both, you have freedom. If you lack money, you’re likely trading time for money at a job.

Learning how to maximize both and using them efficiently is the quickest way to achieving your goals. I’d like to help you get there. Finding your real desires and then structuring your life to achieve those goals is what I’m all about.

Background, a little about me

I went straight into the Marine Corps after high school and I had a blast. It was difficult and dangerous, but it taught me discipline and I discovered something about myself:

  1. I was much better at making and managing money than my peers.
  2. I really enjoyed teaching others how to achieve their personal and monetary goals.

I left the military after an unfortunate run-in with a landmine in Afghanistan, but I had a better understanding of the direction I wanted to head in life. At the hospital, I had access to weekly entrepreneurship classes and mentors from the business community.

Turning it around

As soon as I was discharged, I purchased my first business. A small vending machine company. I used what I had learned to triple the net income the business was making, and I resold it a year later for a nice profit. I had my first taste of business and I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve tried my hand at sales, day trading, and started several small businesses, a few of which I still operate. While I was successful on the surface, I realized a few years ago that something was still missing.

Making money and flipping businesses is fun, but my true passion was in helping other people. Something I hadn’t been doing for a while. A friend suggested that I get into business consulting and personal coaching, which I did and I love it.


Now I get to apply my passion, learning, and experience into this blog as well as my consulting. I have one objective: Give you the tools and help you need to succeed in whatever you set out to do.

If you’ve always dreamed of starting a business or turning your passion into something to make you money, let’s do it!

Do you have an existing business and just need a tune-up? I’ve got you covered. If you need a completely new game plan, I’m your man. I’d like to help you overcome the personal challenges you face to achieve your goals. I want more for you.

You only get one life, make it great!

I’d like You to have what I have: A life that I love and a business that I would do for free and still be happy. In fact, that’s how I started out consulting!

Most of all, I want you to have freedom. Freedom from societies expectations. Financial freedom. The freedom to travel and do what you want when you want. The freedom to walk your own path and have a job or business that you care about. One where you can work on what you want to be doing.

We all want a comfortable existence. One where we’re not struggling to get by. We want to be better than average, we want to be great! I want that for you and I want you to be fulfilled.

Don’t wait till tommorrow or someday

You only get one life. I can’t imagine spending my life being stuck at a job or running a business I hated. You have more inside you than you can imagine. You can do more and be more than you think. You only must believe that for it to be true. Now, how can I help you get there?

What’s next?

For right now I’ll be focusing on getting this blog up and running. Sometime soon I’m considering setting up online coaching and consulting. If you’re interested in consulting with me before I make that publicly available, send me an email and we’ll work something out!

Drop me your email below and I’ll keep you up to date as well as send you tips and encouragement! Success isn’t a limited quantity-we’re all in this together!

How can I help you?

Feel free to reach out to me at any time. I’d love to hear your questions and comments about starting or running your business. You can ask me about how to increase your productivity or just to bounce any ideas you have off me.

I’ll get back to you with either resources to help you succeed or personal advice to address what I can help with. Thanks for visiting! I look forward to hearing your personal success story!